We’re breaking out, while you’re breaking into SL.

In recent days I’ve noticed that SLN has begun something of a crossover into the RL naturist blogosphere.

Which means that there must surely be a crossover in the other direction. RL naturists may have stumbled upon a virtual naturist world, hitherto unknown to them.

And it’s to those people I’m addressing this post.pilingui_001b

Welcome a virtual world! 🙂 A virtual world in which all things, including naturism, are possible. Of course, if you’re already a RL naturist, you’ll know that nothing beats the film of the sun, and surf, on your skin. Everything else may be considered secondary, in naturist terms.

However, few of us have the opportunity to live a 24/7 naturist existence. We live in towns, in cooler climes, we must have jobs. All of this takes us away from a naturist environment we all adore. A naturist environment we all, if we could choose, would live 24/7.

But it’s dark out there. Cold. Built-up. And sometimes a virtual form of naturism is all we have.

I have to tell you that I came into SL with unrealistic anticipations, back then, of what this virtual world would offer. I innocently believed that I would end up conversing with RL naturists and comparing notes about the best restaurants in RL naturist locations! 🙂

Along the way I’ve met snake-oil naturists, flakes and shysters. A real medicine show of the not altogether genuine naturist, and wholly flaky ‘naturist’ sims. Sims that still exist and untruthfully link being nude with sex.

But SL has settled into a pattern for me, and the rest of the SLN staff, where we champion locations where very genuine naturists assemble. No, we’ve never got around to discussing RL restaurants in RL locations. No, it still doesn’t beat the real thing. But thanks to a few wonderful people, a genuinely wonderful virtual naturist world exists in SL. There’s a thriving, vibrant naturist community. And if you haven’t taken the plunge into SL yet….join us!

That’s all this post wanted to say.

Join us!
pablo tatts_001b
We try to present a realistic representation of the SL naturist community on SLN, and we do so with -as best as can be achieved- realistic looking avatars. So why shouldn’t you be a realistic looking avatar in SL too?

If you are someone who has stumbled across SLN via a RL naturist blog, and you’re intrigued, add a comment below.  If there’s enough interest from those passing through, people whose interest has been tickled, I’d certainly think about making the next full issue of the mag a ‘newbie’ special, and dedicate it to links after links after links of where you can kit yourself out and look great for free, before you decide if you want to take any sort of financial plunge in buying Linden dollars and immersing yourself in this wonderful virtual world.


Drop us a line!tina fngz & biluzik3_001b

We can show you where to pick up free skins, free hair, free (non functioning!) realistic penises (for the guys 🙂 ) and a bunch of free clothes that will make your new avatar look awesome. And, of course, we can show you the best naturist locations in SL!

You never know, it might just lead to a whole new pastime/hobby for you!