After what seems like an eternity, I’ve been able to reclaim my alt, Spencer Cloakk, a thinly disguised alter-ego and homage to Spencer Tunick.

spencer & harry

My thanks to the lovely people at Linden Labs for allowing me to reclaim him (my account was blocked because I’d spelt my email address wrongly, in the first instance). But all is now well and good, and thus ‘Spencer’ (i.e. me) will utilise him on a semi-regular basis to re-enact, as best I can, some Tunick-like ‘installations’ in SL.

You won’t see these for at least a couple of weeks…organising an online presence of several willing models at once demands patience and planning..but expect something more of the same vein as we posted in December (below) soon.



2 thoughts on “Success!!!!

  1. Keep reading! 🙂 I’m planning a ‘newbie’ special for those who might wish to dip their toe in the waters of SL without -initially- spending any real life money, and still have a great looking avatar. That will include a list of places to visit and mix with other like-minded people, many RL naturists who also enjoy a virtual naturism when it’s cold outside, or the naturist beach is 100 miles away!

    I should have this up by either this midweek or the next. Perhaps I’ll split it into two pieces, one for the ‘avatar’ element of it, to be followed by a second part on where to visit.

    Anyone who hasn’t tried Second Life yet can then spend a week learning the controls of the game, hop around the grid and turn out a great looking avatar, and then turn their attention to the naturist places on the grid the following week.


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