Newbie Special Part 2 (the new male)

Following on from the invention of a female avatar from scratch, here’s the male version, in photos.

The skin is from 8Designe, the hair from Dura, the free (non functioning) realistic penis from Midnight Lotus (free ‘Chrome’ edition). Links to each store to follow tomorrow night.


One of the ‘old style’ starter male avatars. If your avatar should ever get ‘stuck in a cloud’, i.e. he doesn’t ‘bake’ properly, a re-bake will revert him to this old style avi. The female re-bake’ reverts to the pink polka dot, ponytailed girl I started life as.


Stripped down, the skin from a few years back is even more ill-defined than today’s ‘out of the box’ avatars are.


Keeping the original shape, but adding the (Feb 2014) group gift male skin from 8Designe.


Note how the emasculated male is ‘born’ without genitals. These need to be added separately for all male avatars.


Picking up the realistic looking genitals from Midnight Lotus, our new male avatar now begins to look more…um…manly! 🙂


Tweaking the shape, and losing the newb hair, our new male now looks more realistic. Even leaving him bald is fine, as male pattern baldness means many males will have no hair, so this does not look out of place necessarily.



Adding the current free group hair gift from Dura, our new male now has a mohawk.

I’ll continue to develop our male friend tomorrow, and we’ll then begin to add more detail and accessories to both of our new ‘out of the box’ models, again without spending a single Linden dollar.


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