Yet another world record breaking skinny dip attempt. (Sydney, Australia)

We’ve previously reported on world record breaking skinny dip attempts, in Vera Playa, Spain, and in New Zealand.

Now the Australians are at it!

These aren’t naturist events per se (although Vera Playa’s one in in the region’s naturist zone), but rather involve a lot of naked people, people who wouldn’t generally regard themselves as naturist. I like these events because they show increasing numbers of people are prepared to shed their clothes and think nothing of it, and indulge in an increasing sense of body awareness. And, in the case of Sydney’s event, held last Sunday, raise money for Australia’s National Parks. Nakedness and fund raising? What’s not to like?


We like a bit of fund-raising in SL, so….when are we going to organise our own record-breaking skinny dip within the game? And, you never know, raise some cash for some worthwhile charity.

Further links here. And here.

I’ve also discovered that ‘a thousand’ people took part (wow!) and each paid A$40 (£20, $35, 25 euros) for the privilege. As they were entering the water ‘in waves, every fifteen minutes’ it’s unlikely this will break New Zealand’s current Guinness Book of Records listing (I believe Guinness expect all skinny dippers to be in the water simultaneously). So that’s A$40k raised for Australia’s National Parks! An incredible effort! Well done to all who participated!


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