Josephine Baker

Do you know who Josephine Baker is?

0000-4749-4~Josephine-Baker-Black-Thunder-Posters 51UbdZTeoXL._SL500_AA300_ Baker_Banana josephine Josephine-Baker-and-Beyonce josephinebakertwo632013

An American-born dancer whoo continued to work in German-occupied France during World War 2, she’s maybe better known for her dancing (topless) than the fact that she continually aided the French Resistance during the war, and was asked to lead the American Civil Rights Movement following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Her ‘banana’ costume has endured and (see above) was revived a few years ago by Beyonce for one of her own stage costumes (complete with top…that’s….progress?)

Anyway, the bi-annual Cart Sale is on at The Wash right now, and one of the items you can pick up is an outfit called ‘Josephine’ in obvious homage to the great lady. (The tp takes you directly to the cart in question…be sure to check both sides of it to see the ‘Jospehine’ costume).

cindy josephine2_001b cindy josephine3_001b cindy josephine3_002b


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