The Naturist Vacation suitcase (6)

Over at the PB store you can pick up L$1 dollarbie goodies, each for men and women.

In the men’s bag you’ll find the T shirt worn…others!…I’m still not brave enough to get certain bits out, lol! Given the sentiment, and the comments it might attract, I’m not even sure I’d want to wear this one out, even with bikini bottoms or jeans in place!

In the end, I chickened out, I admit it, and asked Harry (in his ‘Spencer Cloakk’ alt -the only person I know who was online at the time) and one of his models to pop them on and model for us.

spencer good babies3_001b


The SLN 2014 Calendar : March



Yes, I know it’s not March yet, but I’ll be working over the weekend, and my SL time will be extremely limited. Therefore, rather than miss the bus, I thought I’d squeeze the March calendar ‘wallpaper’ in now, just in case I don’t get time. I’ll be writing and, maybe, blogging for the rest of today (Thursday) but then I’ve got a long stretch of long days at work ahead of me. Typically, I expect to be having 7pm-8pm finishes each day (from 9am), so by the time I get home, grab a meal and flop out of the sofa, there won’t be much time to write up for SL. Happily, though, my work schedule has a huge great hole in it around the middle of March -it’s swings and roundabouts in my line of employment- so I’ll be getting caught up with a lot of posting around then. Of course, some of the others will still probably get the odd posting done while I’m tied up with work for the next week.

When I get back to a little posting next week…Wednesday, I think…I’m starting to plot a little mini St.Patrick’s Day special. Not a full issued of the mag, but a little ‘supplement’ with an emphasis on all things Irish, since the world is Irish on March 17th.


‘Adventures in Agde’

Because of the content, Ella has deemed the series of photographs (and accompanying texts) unsuitable for SLN.

We gave you a little bit of a heads up a couple of months back, and after weeks and months of preparation we’re (i.e. myself and the two libertines involved) are almost ready to go!

‘Venus’ and ‘Mars’ Agde are, indeed, a RL/SL married couple who, shall we say, indulge in some adventures in Cap D’Agde, the very resort where Ella made her own nude debut. (Yes, and it has changed out of all recognition to become a resort for voyeurism, exhibitionism and sexual shenanigans, which is why I’ve never returned. Ella)

Responding to occasional references to Agde, ‘Venus’ and ‘Mars’ were inspired to write to tell us about their own adventures there, and to inquire whether I would help them out in the compilation of a photo album, of the SL variety, chronicling these vacations. I agreed, and thus began a lengthy process of replicating their RL Cap D’Agde adventures. And this is why my own blog, SL Fine Art Nudes, a space for glamour/erotic SL photography, has been seemingly neglected for quite a long time. It’s not because I couldn’t be bothered with it, it’s because I was so busy in SL terms that I was fully committed to recording ‘Venus’ and ‘Mars’ and undertaking innumerable photo sessions with them. And now we’re approaching the conclusion to that process.

I agree with Ella. These are photos and texts that don’t fit the usual SLN fare. But they are artistic/erotic and thus fit the remit of my own blog, so these adventures will unfold there, rather than here.

I’m now confident that we’ll probably begin this series of SL-replicated sexual adventures tomorrow night (Thursday), with the usual caveat that things can go strange when computers, internet signals and RL impinge on plans.

I’ll begin with an introduction to both ‘Venus’ and ‘Mars’, and we’ll develop the series of posts (with photos) from there.

In the meantime, here’s some profile photos I initially undertook for Venus & Mars.

venus poses10_001b