The SLN 2014 Calendar : March



Yes, I know it’s not March yet, but I’ll be working over the weekend, and my SL time will be extremely limited. Therefore, rather than miss the bus, I thought I’d squeeze the March calendar ‘wallpaper’ in now, just in case I don’t get time. I’ll be writing and, maybe, blogging for the rest of today (Thursday) but then I’ve got a long stretch of long days at work ahead of me. Typically, I expect to be having 7pm-8pm finishes each day (from 9am), so by the time I get home, grab a meal and flop out of the sofa, there won’t be much time to write up for SL. Happily, though, my work schedule has a huge great hole in it around the middle of March -it’s swings and roundabouts in my line of employment- so I’ll be getting caught up with a lot of posting around then. Of course, some of the others will still probably get the odd posting done while I’m tied up with work for the next week.

When I get back to a little posting next week…Wednesday, I think…I’m starting to plot a little mini St.Patrick’s Day special. Not a full issued of the mag, but a little ‘supplement’ with an emphasis on all things Irish, since the world is Irish on March 17th.


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