After what seems like an eternity, I’ve been able to reclaim my alt, Spencer Cloakk, a thinly disguised alter-ego and homage to Spencer Tunick.

spencer & harry

My thanks to the lovely people at Linden Labs for allowing me to reclaim him (my account was blocked because I’d spelt my email address wrongly, in the first instance). But all is now well and good, and thus ‘Spencer’ (i.e. me) will utilise him on a semi-regular basis to re-enact, as best I can, some Tunick-like ‘installations’ in SL.

You won’t see these for at least a couple of weeks…organising an online presence of several willing models at once demands patience and planning..but expect something more of the same vein as we posted in December (below) soon.



Might a battle be brewing?

I recently read a group message from one of the sim owners/staff which was gently reminding group members that, on a nude beach, nude meant nude. Sadly, it seemed that more and more visitors to the sim were keeping their swimwear firmly on.croatia.lokrum-island-nudist-beach

A sign in Croatia spells it out clearly. No swimming costumes, no cameras.

I have to say that, since that group message was posted, I’ve noticed exactly the same thing recently at one or two places. I’m not going to get drawn into naming where I’ve noticed this growing desire to remain clothed, but just let me say that I’ve found it increasingly frustrating.

$(KGrHqV,!oMFEL(8s!!WBRrPOSZ4z!~~60_35When Sweden Naturist was open, Evacaroline was quite militant about the wearing of clothes. If online, she would, without a moment’s hesitation, eject swimwear using avatars from Sweden. In real life, the beach at Arnaoutchot (France) is equally firmly guarded, with visitors expected to strip off at entrances to the beach manned by ‘guards’, so as to best to protect the naked purity of the beach. Otherwise, more and more ‘textile’ visitors would come and in time erode the very notion of it being naturist. To maintain its reputation as a naturist beach, it is thus firmly guarded to remain fully naturist.

I’m also of the opinion that in some locations, notably in the United States, the use of the term ‘nude beach’ is sometimes applied to what we in Europe would call a ‘topless’ or CO -clothing optional- beach. So not really nude, boys and girls. Right?tumblr_lr5wht8lus1qjo1zxo1_500

I understand that we, the naturist community, have some beautiful, stunning facilities at our disposal in SL and that you, the non-naturist might want to visit and avail of the lovely facilities at our disposal. I understand that we, the naturist community, have a reputation for being a friendly, outgoing, tolerant bunch who make friends easily and that you might make some good friends in naturist sims. I understand we, the SL naturist community, have a very few beaches for our chosen lifestyle in the context of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of ‘textile’ beaches (i.e. swimsuits are worn). These are all traits that mirror RL. Out there in the real world there are a very few naturist beaches in the context of the sandy stretches around the world as a whole. Out there, we -naturists- maintain a reputation as a friendly bunch.600_126706172

So please, I implore you, if you’re going to visit our beaches, please play by our rules and leave the bikinis and speedoes in your inventory. Otherwise, to protect the purity of the beaches we enjoy as a community, you may find that sim owners and staff may just begin to be a little more militant, as Evacaroline was, in ejecting those who remain clothed. And if you think that’s an over-reaction, ask yourself if you would want us -naturists- turning up, genitals displayed, in PG sims.9564109-vector-naturism-sign-means-nude-people-only-no-textile


The Female Photographer Reel 2: Selfies

tumblr_m96d5oN3hJ1r4wdm0o1_500 tumblr_n0ne9t1TX51s08fx7o1_1280 tumblr_n0z4m7PGQB1s1gk63o1_500 tumblr_n17gft2gqx1svi3t5o1_500tumblr_mp7tcgKUpj1rwey8mo1_500


Not all quite ‘selfies‘, the first photo would easily have fitted in with my first ‘Female Photographer’ post, and the second one could just as easily being a naturist checking texts as taking a selfie. The other three are clearly selfie styled shots. And while not strictly naturist, they show the allure of nude photography, and being the subject of a nude photograph, is strong. Of course, the fact that the subject is most often female, nude or in lingerie has led to a debate on whether or not the whole culture for selfies is one of objectifying the female (or more accurately the female model/photographer allowing herself to be objectified).

And while they may be cute, in the midst of a young love affair, what’s the position on intellectual property rights or morality when that love affair breaks up? What if your ex boyfriend or girlfriend subsequently subsequently opts to publish these on social media as an act of revenge, a way of getting even with you for having ended the affair?

I confidently predict, 25 years from now, some leading politician who opts to stand for the Presidency of the United States will be forced to quit when his (probably his) teenage selfies, sent to one of his first girlfriends to show how -ahem- ‘manly’ he is, come to light.

This despite the fact that attitudes may have further changed in 25 years to the point where photos of one’s naked self floating around in cyberspace are met with a shrug of the shoulders by most people. ‘I was young, I was silly’ will run the ‘excuse’. But politics aren’t quite like that, the attitudes therein being of dull piety -no one ever inhales in advance of standing for President- and typical political hypocrisy.

self1 self2 self3 self4 self5 self7

So I snagged myself an iPhone, found a mirror and started posing. 🙂 The different bedrooms, incidentally, are from a showroom in SL…I haven’t been running around half the bedrooms of SL in my birthday suit! I’ve not attempted to do any post-production on the photos as they’re quite often in their ‘raw state’ as published by RL people. Indeed, I should ask Harry to ‘degrade’ the photos on his iPhone, as he’s done before with some SL shots, in order to give them a truer air of being not top quality.

The art of (reproducing) the selfie is something I shall return to in a subsequent post.



Underarm hair.

You remember the astonishment when Hollywood A-lister Julia Roberts began waving to fans having not clearly shaved under there for, well, months.



‘Good on you, girl!’, I thought at the time, despite howls of protest from others -men, women marching to a patriarchal agenda– about how awful it looked. Wrong. It looked marvellous. A woman in command of her own body and body image, regardless of any stylist’s idea of how she should present herself.

Odd, isn’t it, how a little bit of underarm (or pubic) fluff can get some men so steamy under the collar! And, indeed, steamy in both ways. Most will loathe it. Some adore it.

Look, hair grows on women. On our legs. In our armpits. On our crotches!!!!!

Less than a year ago, the Daily Mail, Britain’s reactionary right-wing rag that passes for a newspaper, was chastising singer Pixie Lott for turning up for a premiere having ‘forgotten’ to shave under her arms.  Disappointingly, Pixie suggested it was an error, rather than fronting up and saying so what? Not that I’m about to criticise her for suggesting it was an error. It’s her body to present as she chooses. But I am ready, willing and able to criticise the odious Daily Mail for their fashion Nazi-ism and self-styled commentating and moral guardianship on the state of Britain (folks, if you’re reading this from outside the UK, be aware that all of Britain’s, and the world’s, ills may be laid firmly and squarely at the door of ‘foreigners’. Never mind that we, Brits, have had our culture broadened and deepened by exposure to other cultures, one of our favourite ‘British’ dishes being curry, something we appear to have got a taste for during the time of the Raj, with the word itself deriving from the Indian word ‘kari‘, Daily Mail correspondents can disregard the breadth of our culture, and where we got it all from, because it essentially comes down to the fault of ‘foreigners’).

Emer O’Toole, a graduate from Dublin, even had the ‘audacity’ to appear on morning television in the UK to admit that she hadn’t shaved under her arms for 18 months. Way to go, girl! Your body! Your choice! 🙂

(The interview is on youtube, here). Without decrying Emer’s ‘foil’ in the debate, Emer looks real, pale and lovely while her ‘foil’ looks ‘fake’ to a degree, an embodiment of women merely slavishly following fashion in terms of fake tan, fake hair colour. Again, it’s her choice, but from my own perspective I think it’s time we women stopped operating to a fashion industry’s demands and male expectations. Effectively, do we spend hours dying our hair, shaving our legs, armpits, genitals, applying fake tan for ourselves? Or others expectations of how we should look? I think many women might say ‘oh, I do it because I look good and feel good after the beauty process’. Wrong. We, or rather they, do it to feel good because a media and fashion industry are telling us that we can only look great by subscribing to the agenda they’re setting. Don’t know about you, but I feel good having rolled out of bed first thing in the morning with my hair all over the place and in desperate need of a shower and a good teeth cleaning. And I’m certainly happy enough to answer the door without having put a brush through my hair or had a shower.

Ella and I have had lengthy debates on this issue, both being interested in a soft feminism, a.k.a equal rights, while not being card-carrying militants. And I guess we’ve arrived at the conclusion that it’s not for others, in respect of matters like underarm (or pubic) hair to judge a person. Ella’s SL (and RL) preference is not to shave her pubic hair. I flip flop (in SL and RL) between a natural and shaved look. It’s not a major issue for us, ergo, it shouldn’t even be a minor issue for others.

Let’s get back to underarm hair.

Hop over to the marketplace, where you’ll find variants of it here.

natural hair

Our model is wearing pnd underarm hair, purchased via the marketplace link provided, and a Nearly Tactile ‘man muff’.

I use the female variety of the ‘man muff’, but the male version is thicker and more…luxuriant. Diane is currently doing a photo shoot for a post I’ll probably entitle ‘you make me feel like a natural woman’ 🙂 which I hope to post next week, kind of Tuesday-Wednesday.






No, Carhenge isn’t some sort of forgotten city from the Phoenicia, an Empire that existed from modern day Spain to Syria in the 1000 years BC (or, if you’re a modernist, BCE).

It was (is?) instead a kind of art installation, thus…

carhenge carhenge (2)[2]

And mention of Phoenicia might also remind one of Astarte, a.k.a. Ishtar, a Mesopotamian goddess associated with fertility and sexuality. The more astute amongst you may notice the similarity between Ishtar and Easter, also a time associated with fertility and sexuality, in a sense. Think of all those hatching chicks, all those frolicing bunny rabbits.

That’s right. The Christians jammed their Easter festival onto themes associated with Ishtar (it made the process of converting others easier…a process also apparent in hijacking the pagan ‘Yule’ festival at Christmas). Note: others disagree with this claim, although my feet are firmly in the ‘Christian hijack’ camp.

Stonehenge has also been theorised as being a huge fertility symbol, intended to reflect a vagina.

With me so far as I try to draw various strands of thought together? 🙂


Anyway, I asked Diana to attempt to re-create a sort of ‘Carhenge’ in SL, so I’ll hand over to her…diane cars2_001bc diane cars3_001b


The idea was to attempt some sort of ‘Carhenge’ sculpture. Sadly, the quality of the vehicles, boxy things from the dawn of SL, I’d guess -which shows you just how far we’ve come in ten SL years- means I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the original photos. I posted the original photos and then pulled the post a couple of moments later (in case anyone happened to see this post previously and then were confused as to its disappearance.

So the following photos were then simply taken at a car showroom in SL, and intended not to be so much a reproduction of Carhenge as originally envisioned. Instead, I tried to capture the essence of something often regarded as unique to ourselves as reduced to simply an identikit piece of machinery, largely ‘greyed out’ as in the case of the the original Carhenge, to give a sense of monochromatic sameness. Henry T Ford once said you could have a car in any colour you wanted as long as it was black, remember. I’ve had to rethink the ‘art’ of the photography and what I wanted to achieve with it. I’m still not entirely happy with the photos (I couldn’t successfully mask out all of the colour) but they’re much better than ‘take 1’. As we’re a naturist SL blog, they needed a little naturism in them, and in the absence of other models around, I had to stand in myself as I tried to replicate a familiar ‘auto magazine’ meme, that of a scantily clad female (in my case, unclad) draped across the bonnet of a car in order to associate an automobile and its exceptional power and status with sexuality. So 1970s! Do auto magazines still do this? We’ve maybe thrown together a lot of vaguely linked concepts to ccome up with this post, and maybe it hangs together. You decide. What I have learned from the experiment is that -even from a 21st century female perspective which makes me disagree with the use of female  models to sell cars and fetishise them from a sexual point of view, the two do somehow work together as an image and concept, while the soft-feminist in me (i.e. I’m a 21st century woman) still disagrees. Nevertheless, Harry and I have decided it’s a theme we shall attempt to do again at some point.


We’re breaking out, while you’re breaking into SL.

In recent days I’ve noticed that SLN has begun something of a crossover into the RL naturist blogosphere.

Which means that there must surely be a crossover in the other direction. RL naturists may have stumbled upon a virtual naturist world, hitherto unknown to them.

And it’s to those people I’m addressing this post.pilingui_001b

Welcome a virtual world! 🙂 A virtual world in which all things, including naturism, are possible. Of course, if you’re already a RL naturist, you’ll know that nothing beats the film of the sun, and surf, on your skin. Everything else may be considered secondary, in naturist terms.

However, few of us have the opportunity to live a 24/7 naturist existence. We live in towns, in cooler climes, we must have jobs. All of this takes us away from a naturist environment we all adore. A naturist environment we all, if we could choose, would live 24/7.

But it’s dark out there. Cold. Built-up. And sometimes a virtual form of naturism is all we have.

I have to tell you that I came into SL with unrealistic anticipations, back then, of what this virtual world would offer. I innocently believed that I would end up conversing with RL naturists and comparing notes about the best restaurants in RL naturist locations! 🙂

Along the way I’ve met snake-oil naturists, flakes and shysters. A real medicine show of the not altogether genuine naturist, and wholly flaky ‘naturist’ sims. Sims that still exist and untruthfully link being nude with sex.

But SL has settled into a pattern for me, and the rest of the SLN staff, where we champion locations where very genuine naturists assemble. No, we’ve never got around to discussing RL restaurants in RL locations. No, it still doesn’t beat the real thing. But thanks to a few wonderful people, a genuinely wonderful virtual naturist world exists in SL. There’s a thriving, vibrant naturist community. And if you haven’t taken the plunge into SL yet….join us!

That’s all this post wanted to say.

Join us!
pablo tatts_001b
We try to present a realistic representation of the SL naturist community on SLN, and we do so with -as best as can be achieved- realistic looking avatars. So why shouldn’t you be a realistic looking avatar in SL too?

If you are someone who has stumbled across SLN via a RL naturist blog, and you’re intrigued, add a comment below.  If there’s enough interest from those passing through, people whose interest has been tickled, I’d certainly think about making the next full issue of the mag a ‘newbie’ special, and dedicate it to links after links after links of where you can kit yourself out and look great for free, before you decide if you want to take any sort of financial plunge in buying Linden dollars and immersing yourself in this wonderful virtual world.


Drop us a line!tina fngz & biluzik3_001b

We can show you where to pick up free skins, free hair, free (non functioning!) realistic penises (for the guys 🙂 ) and a bunch of free clothes that will make your new avatar look awesome. And, of course, we can show you the best naturist locations in SL!

You never know, it might just lead to a whole new pastime/hobby for you!


The Fabulously Free Photo Challenge

Read the Fab Free blog? You should.

It’s an essential daily stop-over for me -and I’m a guy!- because of the ideas it provides. Yes, I will freely admit that I regularly steal their linked locations, I bombard Ella for cash so that the models can buy poses, I contribute my own money to models’ poses, and send the girls who write for the blog landmarks constantly.

Fab Free does a ‘photo challenge’ twice a month, and the current one (until the end of February) is to ‘take an SL vacation and show us the results’.

I don’t want to make my comment ‘and I’m a guy’ sound like Fab Free is uniquely female orientated. Fab Free does more than its fair share of male items although, to be honest, I don’t buy a lot of clothes. I’m a staff photographer for a naturist blog, after all. Still, I do get to reluctantly drag on a pair of shorts now and again, wriggle into a tank top and slide my feet into sandals for a photo session in the odd ‘textile’ location. Why? Well, I do get asked to do the odd photo session -profiles, portfolios- for non naturist avatars.

Well, with a new model to encourage and photograph, our very own Daphne, I dragged her off to a session in order to, initially at least, take some ‘vacation’ orientated photos. And then after she went offline to write one of her blog entries I continued to take a few photos with a vague notion of entering them into the competition. There’s time yet! I might still do it!

Anyway, here they are…an example of what I do with SL photography when I’m not photography beautiful naturist avatars in SL.

daphne bike2_001b daphne bike5_001c daphne table2_001c daphne table3_001b

Of course, a few photographs of bicycles aren’t really what you check into SLN to see, so with the same vague ‘vacation’ theme in mind, I reverted to type 🙂

Sadly, while being pleased with the following photos, Fab Free have a ‘no naughty bits’ rule, so my usual type of photos aren’t generally suitable for their competitions.

Never mind. Here’s one of my usual type of photos to finish off with. Despite that, I still kind of like the bicycles 🙂 AND the type of photos I usually take (below)