The Naturist Vacation Suitcase (update)

When Pookes returns from whatever Pookes is doing 🙂 she’ll be taking over the ‘Naturist Vacation Suitcase’ series because, we’re pleased and sorry to say, Daphne is moving on.

I’d originally envisaged that she’d be with us until June, and I’d be packing the ‘suitcase’ items into a bag to take off on my own first naturist RL holidays of the year, but another blogging opportunity has arisen for Daphne, and while we’ll be sorry to see her go, we’re delighted that a chance has arisen so early for her to realise her own blogging dream.

She’ll not be blogging for just a little while yet, but when she does we will be announcing it here, because I think it’s an exciting concept that many avatars might enjoy reading. Daphne will be reinventing herself as ‘Daff’ for her own project, and she has promised to leave us with one final posting in which we’ll allow her -for reasons to be revealed- to pop up a link to her own blog.

Daphne, or the newly christened ‘Daff’, leaves us with our very best wishes and thanks for what she has provided for us over the past few weeks. 🙂

kelly panties3_001c

Can I just add that this coming week will be busy, busy, busy in RL, so don’t expect too many SLN posts. On the upside, the following week is practically empty of RL committments 🙂 so we’ll be back on track in time for a St Patrick’s Day post, amongst others, in the second week and into the third week of March.