It isn’t sexual


Check out the photo above.

I’m almost certain it’s from Arnaoutchot/Montalivet, judging from the dunes sweeping down to the beach, and the fencing. And what I see in the photo is a bunch of people doing beach stuff, who just happen to be naked. The nudity is almost secondary. They’re loving life, enjoying life under a warm sun, in warm sea water, and the photo is devoid of exhibitionism, voyeurism or sexual intent. The only thing missing is uncomfortable, clinging, filled-with-sand and unhygienic swimwear. This is how naturism really is. This is genuine naturism. It’s not sexual. It’s just how we really should treat all swimming and sunbathing experiences at all times, and all around the globe. It’s a photo filled with people who’ve applied cold logic to their beach experience and all come up as winners! Compare it with my companion post, on Cap D’Agde, by contrast a location predominantly filled with voyeurism, exhibitionism and obvious sexual intent, a three-dimensional advertisement as to what naturism isn’t about.


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