It’s just awful!

I don’t wish to condemn all of Cap D’Agde. There are pockets where genuine naturists enjoy genuine naturism, but some of it has become a playground for libertines, voyeurs, exhibitionists and swingers. If that’s how people wish to live, it’s not for me to condemn, but equally what began as a genuine, wholesome family orientated naturist destination has now become a magnet for those who don’t, by any stretch of the imagination, qualify as genuine naturists. What I object to is the notion that it still remains heavily associated with naturism and in the non-naturist mind, it’s representative of all naturism.

cap-67- (8)


I came across the photo (above) online and to me it represents all that is wrong with Agde. Piercings, tattoos, silicone, ludicrous clothing and….yuk! And this, unfortunately, is the image that sticks in many people’s minds when they think of naturism.

Has the time come for us to re-define the movement with a clear demarcation line between what is genuine and wholesome, and disassociate from locations like Agde, which essentially now merely a swingers’ paradise and has little to do with naturism?


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