Heroes of Nat…..natural beauty: Katarina Witt

I’m not certain how well Katarina Witt will be known around the globe. A former East-German Olympic figure skater, she subsequently became and actress and also a judge on a ‘celebrities on ice’ TV programme in the UK.

Back in 1998, at the age of 33, Katarina posed for Playboy, on the basis that she wanted to alter the perception of figure skaters as ‘ice maidens’.

So in a sense she is a superb example of being a ‘hero of naturism’, in that she undertook the shoot on her terms, for her aims.



The shot (above) is probably the most famous from that Playboy issue.

Approaching 50, she looks fabulous. At the age of 33, she looked fabulous.

It would, I think, have been a courageous thing to do back in 1998 as a celebrity famous for achieving something. Nowadays, many celebrities are simply famous for being famous, and don’t have much talent or special skills (i.e Kin Kardashian, Paris Hilton).


Model Roberta makes it clear she’s unimpressed by the chill waters of the waterfall


A Mediterranean flavoured naturist accessory

When I saw The SL Fashionista blog, I knew I had to have this. Immediately!

A bag of groceries that kind of fits with the ‘naturist accessory’ idea. A couple of fresh baguettes, some fresh herbs and a handful of lemons (for real lemonade, or for adding to a nice, cold Coca Cola (or G&T 😉 ).

Five different bags are available at the gatcha (L$50 per play) over at ASO. Well…I got three individual bags, plus a couple of ‘duplicates’, then stopped, as gatchas can be a crazy linden dollar leak, so I do tend to avoid them. However, I had to get some groceries, if only for the ‘naturist accessory’ value in them. Often has been the time when I’ve wandered to a local cafe or on site shop in a naturist location in RL to pick up some fresh bread. By the time I get back the RL Mr Keng usually has some fresh coffee brewed, and it’s a lovely start to the day, sipping down fresh coffee, breaking off handfuls of fresh bread.

I didn’t even feel too bad about the duplicate gatchas, as they’re no-copy, no-modify, so I gave my duplicates away to SL friends. 🙂 Fresh bread for them, too!

And why not have a photo of the said bag of goodies? I’ve even managed to continue our SL ‘lighthouse’ theme at the Rue D’Antibes, French-flavoured sim.ellla groceries_001b