A Mediterranean flavoured naturist accessory

When I saw The SL Fashionista blog, I knew I had to have this. Immediately!

A bag of groceries that kind of fits with the ‘naturist accessory’ idea. A couple of fresh baguettes, some fresh herbs and a handful of lemons (for real lemonade, or for adding to a nice, cold Coca Cola (or G&T 😉 ).

Five different bags are available at the gatcha (L$50 per play) over at ASO. Well…I got three individual bags, plus a couple of ‘duplicates’, then stopped, as gatchas can be a crazy linden dollar leak, so I do tend to avoid them. However, I had to get some groceries, if only for the ‘naturist accessory’ value in them. Often has been the time when I’ve wandered to a local cafe or on site shop in a naturist location in RL to pick up some fresh bread. By the time I get back the RL Mr Keng usually has some fresh coffee brewed, and it’s a lovely start to the day, sipping down fresh coffee, breaking off handfuls of fresh bread.

I didn’t even feel too bad about the duplicate gatchas, as they’re no-copy, no-modify, so I gave my duplicates away to SL friends. 🙂 Fresh bread for them, too!

And why not have a photo of the said bag of goodies? I’ve even managed to continue our SL ‘lighthouse’ theme at the Rue D’Antibes, French-flavoured sim.ellla groceries_001b


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