A perfect bum

Over at G.Inc they’ve got a new add-on that fits into the phat-azz phenomenon.

It’s called ‘Perfect Bum’, and allows much tweaking to the derriere in order to create that perfect bum shape (or alternatively go for a ludicrous Kim Kardashian shape).

Our SPAD (Special Advisor in the mega-boobs, phat azz field), Fran, who has featured for us once before with mega-boobs is still experimenting with the look, and thus we’ve only got pix of the demo version from her so far.

(We generally don’t cover much in the mega-boobs, phat-azz world, admittedly. My view is that a perfect skin match is next to impossible, which negates its value for naturism purposes. If anyone else can offer advice on better colour matching, please write in, we’d love to hear your advice)

We’ll try and give some sort of review once Fran gives us photos of the finished version. Note that, in these demo photos, Fran has said she hasn’t tried to do a proper skin match, but has simply been trying it out more in terms of ‘look’)

bum_0012 bum2_001b



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