2014 Skin Fair

The 2014 Skin Fair is open. It’s certainly something we at SLN will address, but personally I’m going to steer well away as the early days of most fairs seem to be lag-hell as hundreds tp in (or try to tp in. It’s likely a ‘sim full’ message may greet you on any tp attempt).

We’ll maybe get around to visiting it -after all skins are naturism’s stock in trade- in a week or so.

natalia dressed_001b


In the meantime here’s a collectors’ item, a dressed avi!

It’s a new model working with Harry right now, Brazilian girl Natalia, and relax if you’re feeling slightly cheated by the photo…you’ll be seeing more of Natalia very soon. Here’s…and the theme remains on ‘skin’, is a L$10 skin she picked up at the ongoing Fab Free Cart Sale.