Heroes of Nat……natural beauty: Vera Fischer

You’ll have noticed that we do, on occasion, do a ‘Heroes of Naturism’ feature.

These are people who do much to promote the lifestyle, some ‘celebrities’, some lesser known.

By portraying the lifestyle accurately, they do much good in ensuring the general public get the right image of naturism.

Today’s heroine is Brazilian actress Vera Fischer. Maybe if you’re in Brazil, you’ll know of her. An actress in Brazilian soap operas, I confess I’d never heard of her until recently. Of course, I’d be equally hard-pressed to know the names, or imagine the faces, of British soap actors or actresses.

Vera Fischer has posed for Brazilian Playboy magazine a couple of times, first in 1982, and then in 2000, when she was fifty years old. I’ve honestly no idea whatsoever on her views to the naturist lifestyle, so she features today on the basis of posing for the cameras at the age of 50 and showing that older women can be as alluring, sexy and beautiful as women half that age.

status-n-21-1976-vera-fischer-ana-maria-magalhes-raro_MLB-F-191513422_213vera-fischer-2012092405 06

Vera Fischer, mostly from the August 1982 Brazilian version of ‘Playboy’, along with a composite photograph of the respective covers featuring her in both 1982 and 2000.

tumblr_mv9or2HA3i1siejxlo1_1280 tumblr_mv9or2HA3i1siejxlo2_1280 tumblr_mv9or2HA3i1siejxlo4_1280 tumblr_mv9or2HA3i1siejxlo6_1280

Vera Ficher from the 2000 photoshoot, including a higher-resolution image of the front cover

I think a case can definitely be made for saying Vera looks more beautiful in the 2000 shoot than she did in 1982. To me, the latter series isn’t about ‘exploitation’. It’s much more about sending a body-positive message to mature women as much as it is about being ‘erotic’ for males.

I (semi) regularly speak of ‘the older avatar’ in SL -my role amongst the staff is more about keeping an eye on that demographic and reporting it back to those of you who may be keen to offer themselves as an ‘older avatar’ in SL- so on that basis I contacted Harry and Diane and asked if they could maybe get a couple of older avatars to pose in a manner that would send exactly that same message. Older avatars (both sexes) can be attractive, sexy, alluring and have the added advantage of life experience that makes them great conversationalists, raconteurs and fabulous SL company.

Harry immediately shot back with the message that I should fill the role of the older female. Oops! Backed into a corner, I had to agree, despite my reluctance. But Harry’s photos (below) manage to make even middle-aged me look good!

Barbarabarbara olderset5_001-002barbara olderset8_001-002barbara olderset6_001-002

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