Last one for tonight (or more accurately, first one for Sunday)

This story is attracting some attention on the BBC.

A mother, breastfeeding her baby, finds her photo posted on Facebook (more realistically, Faeces Book, which is why I don’t use it) after naturally feeding her baby in the English midlands.

The photo goes viral, and she finds herself labelled a ‘tramp’ (if this isn’t used beyond the UK ‘slut’ or ‘whore’ might be the best equivalent word for those beyond UK shores).

The reaction, equally, goes viral, and demonstrations are held in support of the young mother. Quite right, too. She was doing a natural thing, on demand.

Oddly enough, one hundred and odd years ago, in the Victorian era, breastfeeding (before ‘formula’ milk) was commonplace…everywhere! Even the English Midlands!


It’s what t*ts were invented for!

It’s one of the most natural things in the world! How people can fact negatively is both amazing and alarming. Both of mine were breastfed and, on occasion, in ‘public’ too, albeit in ‘nursing mothers’ rooms, in the car, and in other locations where my ‘tramp’ status might have been confirmed by others with lives so pure they can be judgemental had they had access to a camera, or the lack of a life, at that precise moment.

I’m disgusted that someone feels the need to take a snap and that they reflexively resort to the horrible, disgusting Facebook to comment. And where is Facebook’s much vaunted ‘no nudity’ rule now? Surely a t*t exposed in public qualifies? Oh, no…their famed double-standards come into play once more. A mother doing what is natural can be labelled a ‘tramp’ and videos to beheadings are acceptable, but a nipple isn’t. You’re screwed up in the head, Mark Zuckenberg.



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