Naked jogging

Some of the UK’s papers have picked up on this story from a few nights ago, which has caused some intrigue. I missed the story myself, but my good friend Emmanuelle has passed it onto me. And Emma being Emma, she got out there to replicate the ‘happening’ here in SL.

Uxbridge, I should explain, is esssentially a suburb of London, so it’s a built up, urban area. This isn’t someone jogging through a village high street. The video isn’t of particularly high quality, and for all I know it could have been a jogging outfit in ‘nude’ colours.

Naked Jogger



You go, girl! 🙂

I know we’ve been having milder, Spring-like weather here in the UK recently but still….Uxbridge…in March….at night? (That said, if she’s jogging, chances are she and all joggers probably work up enough heat during the exercise. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never done jogging).

And here’s the key point: it isn’t illegal to be naked in public (in England & Wales -I’m not sure of the legal position in Scotland or N.Ireland) unless it’s to cause distress or alarm. And that’s a point worth remembering as summer approaches, and readers maybe fret over what their legal status is. If in doubt, even if you’re going to go topless in a park or on a beach, why not contact your local naturist association? They will almost certainly know the legal position regarding public nudity off by heart.

What strikes me about some of these ‘naked in public’ stories that I pick up from the UK’s media is that a) only the media seem interested, b) these type of events are more and more commonplace, and c) the public doesn’t appear to care. Which is how it should be. And these types of events lead to a ‘normalisation’ of the naked, human body. Which is exactly what it is.

Emma(nuelle) claims she’s now going to do this again, with photos, in a more built up area of SL, in order to really replicate it. Remember to send photos! 🙂

naked jogging_001b naked jogging3_001b



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