Admit it, you jumped when your read the title, didn’t you?

No need to be frightened. This boo is Boo, who used to write for the Su Casa Blog, and who is now flying solo in the blogging world, courtesy of her own Bare Babble Blog (try saying that after two small sherries!) and (un)covering RL, as opposed to SL, naturist activity. Hopefully, though, there’ll be some cross-fertilisation between the two worlds. And why not? SLN takes such an editorial line, keeping a keen eye for RL naturist events that we hopefully can reflect within SL.

And talking of Su Casa…here’s a recent photo of yours truly over there, enjoying an al fresco shower provided by its waterfall.

pookes su casa_001b


Anyway, may we take this opportunity to wish Boo every success in the blogging world, and encourage our readers to bookmark her site and check back often. Best wishes from all of us at SLN, Boo.