Fab Free 30 Days List

The Fab Free 30 Days List has been updated! I’m not in a postion to avail, but there’s some fab (free) items to gather if you’re a new avatar. Even naturists need a wardrobe, and I note that some of the stops on the updated list include skins and hair, so there’s no excuse not to have a fab (free) looking avatar whether you’re clothed or naked.wendy2930_001b


Harry says…‘I tp’ed over to the current new player landing point and, in open chat, asked if anyone wanted free skins/hair to make themselves look better. I got little positive response, and I guess that was on the basis that people are naturally suspicious of others’ agendas. Which is reasonable enough. I would have been the same in their position. Eventually, however, I did get one new avatar to agree. I did position my agenda -‘can I take a nude photo of you for the blog’- upfront, mind! 30 minutes later, the new avatar had lost her handbag and ginger hair, and was in possession of a good looking skin and hair from stores on the 30 Days List. I think she was rather pleased to have taken the chance on trusting me in the end. I’d suggest that new avatars, if they don’t wish to trust a stranger with a camera, work their way through the list from top to bottom and get an inventory full of good looking fashion sorted out as their top priority. 30 days goes by so quickly! The lady’s ‘payment’ for agreeing was a decent sized wardrobe, and I provided her with a portfolio of photos for her to use as she wishes, plus a profile pic’.

There you are ladies (and gents). Great advice. Yes, Harry is correct. Bookmark the 30 days list and begin to work your way through it, pronto!


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