Purdah & the tax year end

For many people working in any form of ‘admin’ capacity in the UK, the next two weeks will be crazily busy due to the ‘tax year end’ (I would have hyperlinked this if it weren’t for the fact that life is far too short to be spent clicking links to tax related matters unless you’re being paid for it).

I know that in my line of work -and I’m not even fully immersed in the ‘admin’ end of things- we’re up to our necks in this tedious process, and last week and next week I’ve been working 12 hour days and coming home brain-dead and computered-out, hence the lack of posts, or even the desire to sift through Barbara or Pookes’ work and say ‘we’ll publish that’. It’s only today that I’ve even felt remotely interested in turning a computer on for pleasureable purposes. And that is also likely to be the case next week. So SLN postings will be low.

On the upside, my employers recognise the issues involved for many of us and having to work stupidly long days is offset by the fact that they give us a lot of time off in the wake of this period, so I’ll get the good ship SLN back onto an even keel in mid-April when I’m off more than I’m working.

I’ll try and get a few posts up over the weekend, but it’ll be back to a period of self-imposed purdah next week. Sadly, it’s just another of those periods where RL must take precedence over SL.

ella too much work


Another 12 hour day over, Ella wonders if she can be bothered heading home. Surely sleeping on a nearby bench and heading straight back in at 900am makes more sense? 🙂