Happy Mother’s Day!

If you’re in the UK you’ll be aware today (Sunday) was Mother’s Day.

I spent my day with my family, going out for lunch and then walking off a lovely meal with a walk on a Spring-like, warm afternoon on the beach. And as the clocks changed to British Summer Time (an hour less in bed last night, but an 8pm sunset and a stretch in the evenings) overnight, I spent some time -still accompanied by the children and the RL Mr. Keng, putting out our solar lights in the garden. Looking out from the study, they’re looking magnificent and hopefully presage a long, warm, sunny summer ahead.



If you’re a Mum, or have a Mum, I hope you spent time together today or, if separated by distance, at least gave her a call. Sadly, I wasn’t in a position to visit my mother’s grave today -she’s buried in a wholly different part of the UK- but I will be making that visit soon. The day put me in reflective mood, recalling the good relationship we had when she was alive, and how her encouragement towards many things still informs my attitudes today. And I find myself trying to be equally encouraging to my own children. In that respect, she still remains alive, guiding me, teaching them.


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