Back tomorrow!

ella too much shopping4_001c


I’ve opted for a library shot of me ‘n’ a fast car, because I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that this week is almost over. I just need to push myself through one more day before I collapse into a heap, or more accurately my SL chair, and unwind.

This week has been hell on the work front, for reasons previously discussed, and I’ve managed -on automatic- to make a nice vegetarian lasagne that just needs heated up tomorrow night, washed down with a glass of red -and we’ll see where the bottle goes from there! 🙂 – and then a well deserved weekend off. And that will include lots of SL time. I need something to chill me out and indulge in some escapism. And lets face it, SL is a fabulous escapist tool!

All week, naturism and a blog about virtual naturism, have been furtherest from my mind. I’m mentally exhausted and each night I’ve barely managed to have the energy to flop into a comfy chair.

All in all, a photo of a dressed me, certainly reflecting my mood…some distance from thoughts of either real or virtual naturism….and in need of rapid escape from the day job, seems entirely apt. I’m glad to say I’ll be in world over the weekend, catching up, and will probably spend some time hanging round our office presences at Eden and Su Casa on each of Saturday and Sunday evenings. Hope to catch you all then.