Heroes of naturism : Anders Zorn

I’d never heard of Swedish painter Anders Zorn until yesterday, when Harry passed me a link and asked for an opinion. His reasoning was that he felt the style would ideally suit a photo-session based on the photos below, and it’s impossible to disagree. (At this point, our Swedish readers are probably saying ‘Pah! National hero!’). I think Zorn captures an innocent sense of skinny dipping really well, with some of his work creating a sense of the very early days of the naturist movement. What do you think?

Anders Zorn-439876 Anders Zorn-666897 Anders_Zorn_-_Skärgårdsblomster


P_Zorn_3=Anders_258_Tre_Systrar_Zorn_ZG258NW P_Zorn_3=Anders_259_Grunt_ZG259NW38808 P_Zorn_3=Anders_262_Tidigt_ZG262NW1


The drawings (the sepia tinted ones)…I dunno…do they have a sense of being replicated from photographs?

Photo edited with http://www.tuxpi.com Photo edited with http://www.tuxpi.com


Anyway…in Harry’s words, ‘I found a programme online whereby you can turn photos, either from real life or Second Life, into pencil sketches, so I’ve applied that effect to a couple of photos, to try and replicate Zorn’s style or drawing. There’s a huge number of effects that can be applied to a photograph, and it’s a tool I’ll be using in future’.



3 thoughts on “Heroes of naturism : Anders Zorn

  1. BTW: If interested, the titles, top-to-bottom as above:
    In Werner’s Rowing Boat
    Archipelago Flower
    Tre Systrar (Three Sisters)
    Grunt (Shallow)
    Tidigt (Early)

  2. Thanks for the additional information. It’s greatly appreciated 🙂 I shall certainly be checking out the link you provided to see if we can do a little bit more ‘SL Nude as Art’ type posts too.


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