The Nude in Art

I am extremely grateful to reader wnwd (see the comments section of the Anders Zorn posting) for pointing me (and, I suspect, an already missing in action for the next week or so Harry) in the direction of a website called La Conchiglia di Venere, dedicated to ‘The Nude in Art History’. I’ve bookmarked it, ‘wasted’ 40 minutes going through it (in the sense that my ‘waste of time’ was an enjoyable and educational period of time) and I suspect a) I’m going to be referencing it in future and b) posting several Harry photo sessions on a ‘SL replicates RL Art’ theme.

That’s one of the great pleasures of curating this website. Yes, we’re trying to cover SL naturism, but sometimes we get diverted from the main road, and meander down other avenues which help us to look at things in a different way, tie different kinds of themes together and, hopefully, keep the blog fresh. So thank you, wnwd, for your comments and assistance. I’m eternally grateful (even if it means I’ve maybe got a photographer missing in action for a period of time! 🙂 ).

Now, what the copyright entails regarding art, I’m not quite sure. I’d be clear in my head that sticking up a download link to a current pop song clearly and obviously would infringe copyright, but the position on Art I’d be much less clear about. Zorn died in 1920, and I note that Sweden’s copyright lasts for the length of the producer’s life plus 70 years, so I hope that reproducing it in our previous post doesn’t infringe copyright. I also note that copyright does permit what’s called ‘fair use’, i.e. for educational purposes, so how we stand there, I’m not quite sure.

On that basis I’m not going to reproduce any of the works of living artist Ray Caesar here, but rather point you in the direction of his page on the ‘Conchiglia’ website and ask you a question…just how close do you think some of his work resembles the photography on numerous SL (fashion) blogs?

If you’ve checked out the ‘Conchiglia’ entry for him, and the bottom of the four paintings reproduced there, entitled ‘Final Destination’, I think you have to agree that it could practically be an entry from an SL fashion blog (as in ‘Sunglasses…group gift at x, mesh coat… L$150 at, gloves and bag from z Accessories’). And this interests, excites and amuses me.

Caesar also has a pinterest page here, if you’d like to see more of his works.

I’ve only scratched the surface yet of what I think is going to be an extremely rich vein of inspiration for me and my photographer buddy.

Here’s the thing: I got up earlier with the intention of tidying up some posts and with a clear idea in my head of what I wanted to do, but wnwd’s comment has set me off down a different track, and I’ve now set aside the intended posts until the middle of the week to head off on a different direction, and that ‘different direction’ may still be making ripples by midweek because, in the back of my mind, I think we still have a ‘nude art gallery’ in SL, featuring works by RL artists…

I’ve no idea what Harry is plotting or planning, and I’ve not received any photos yet from what will inevitably spin off me sending him the link, so in the meantime here’s a couple of ‘art’ styled SLN type photographs.

diane midnight skinny dip2_001d


‘Midnight’, self-portrait by Diane Toxx

tonton bridge2_001b


‘Under the Bridge’, by Diane Toxx

zingibro_001 copyb



Something in the distance, by Diane Toxx


3 thoughts on “The Nude in Art

  1. … aww, pshaw…

    Glad to’ve turned y’all on to:
    The Nude In Art History (La Conchiglia Di Venere) [WordPress]

    It’s not, of course, large high-quality files, but it is very nice to daily be delivered some bits of usually classic art right in one’s own inbox; & it’s a great starting place to learn more about particular artists one’s often never heard of & various styles & history, etc…

    A word of awareness, however. Personally, I’m into–& unapologetic about–enjoying nudity of ALL sorts, including prurient stuff/media. However, as we all know, the further along the ‘pure’ naturism/nudism end of the spectrum, trends toward some serious… well, sorry, but there’s just no other word for it than: “prudery”; eg: pretty much EVERY naturism/nudism post these days bends-over-backwards to be uber-PC about the (supposed) UTTER asexuality of EVERYTHING naturism/nudism. For those holding these sorts of opinions some few of the TNIAH/LCDV posts may be a bit too much… the overwhelming majority are paintings & simply exactly what it says on the tin: Art Nudes… but some few are also illustrations of mostly classic/vintage ‘racy’/’burlesque’/etc material, some very-very few quite graphic (for instance, as below).

    TNIAH/LCDV is a great WordPress blog! & highly recommended!… &, of course, as-ever-&-always, if one were to “Follow” it & something showed up in one’s inbox that was a bit too much for ya’, there’s multiple “Delete” icons/clicks everywhere all-over-the-place & even a whole keyboard-key with nuthin’ else to do!… 😛

    I know little about SL, & don’t DARE pursue more ’bout it ‘cuz I know damn well I’d get hooked & as-is already don’t have time enough for what needs doing anyhow… *sigh*. I am, however, curious if people in SL also perform live acting, as in texts/plays/movie-scripts/etc… & if so, I think it would be SO cool if among these some classics were re-enacted live, including the nude scenes; for instance, as in Becat &or Avril’s illustrations (below) of ‘Fanny Hill’ or somesuch? (More directly to y’all & SLN guess I’m thinking something like this might(?) be vaguely associated with your “Vintage” thing?, maybe not… )

    … here are 2 prime examples of some ‘raucous’ vintage illustration, both of whom have done ‘Fanny Hill’:

    Paul-Emile Bécat | The Nude In Art History (La Conchiglia Di Venere) [WordPress]

    Edouard-Henri Avril | The Nude In Art History (La Conchiglia Di Venere) [WordPress]

    … thanx very much for the great blog & the time-&-effort required & for sharing with us!

  2. Also, way-way far OT & totally–TOTALLY–separate from the previous post; & not “Nude”; & primarily for Harry & the other artists &or art-lovers who enjoy a bit of art delivered daily; there’s a sister-site to TNIAH/LCDV:

    I Am A Child, Children In Art History [WordPress]


    We recently posted on a performance of Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’, and it includes nudity as, clearly, it re-tells the tale of Adam and Eve.

    While SLN focuses on a niche lifestyle, others do poetry readings, perform ‘live’ music (as in their sung voices, direct from home over backing tracks, are beamed into SL locations) and there have been other endeavours in artistic production, with things like ‘installations’. Many RL art nude photographers display their work within the virtual world at a gallery dedicated to that genre of nude/glamour photography -I’ll try and find the link and post it we’ll maybe do another posting based on it.

    The original concept of SLN was ‘Phase 1’ of a string of blogs that would cover the full range of artistic endeavour, in whatever medium, taking place in SL, but as the ‘publisher’ of SLN, Howie (i.e. he bankrolls whatever Pookes, Barbara, Harry, Diane and I need to make it all possible) has previously said to me during a conversation, and which you echo in your comments, ‘there isn’t enough time’. A shame, because SL would certainly benefit from its own Art ‘newspaper’, and would benefit by others taking up the mantle of producing blogs related to their oown chosen lifestyles. ‘Game of Thrones’ is currently popular as a role-play series of sims within SL, and blogs dedicated to the likes of this would be interesting. There’s only so many clothes you can buy, fashion blogs you can read.

    That’s not to knock those writing fashion blogs. Doing them gives someone some shape and meaning to their Second Life, and is also feeding some creativity. If they’re writing, taking virtual photographs, editing those, blog designing, socialising (even virtually) with others from around the globe, it beats passively watching soap operas of an evening.

    Equally, away from SL, and elsewhere in the blogging world, people are researching their chosen interest, learning, educating themselves, informing and educating others and creatively expressing themselves. Fifty years ago these would have been the sort of people spending time in public libraries, learning and expressing themselves for the fun of it.

    And I’m firmly in favour of people feeding their creative side, however they manifest it.


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