Washday Blues

A beautiful Spring day where we are, a week ahead of Easter. Easter’s the time when we tend to set as the onset of ‘outdoor living’, weather permitting, and so prepare for it by knocking our outdoor ‘room’, our garden, into shape. Paths and decking areas are power-hosed clean from the winter’s grime, and the outdoor lights are hung out (although our solar powered ones have been out for a couple of weeks already!). The barbecue is scrubbed clean, the fountain gets the same treatment, and the children actually enjoy getting out into the garden and ‘helping’ 😉 now.

And that’s what we did today, a week ahead of schedule, because it was a lovely day. I have to say it makes for quite a tiring day. I mean, there’s so much water involved….and children are drawn to it. 🙂

‘Stay away from that watering can! Daddy’s power hose is dangerous! Leave those stones in the fountain!’ I’ve trotted these phrases, and more, out today. I love it! Watching giggling children playing outdoors must be one of life’s great pleasures.

roberta washday


I like Diane’s photo of Roberta with the Washday Blues (the link comes courtesy, in one of the acts of synchronicity, from Mr. Keng’s iPod which was playing Lightning Hopkins today…not always audible due to the hum of the power hose). Yeah, I’ve hung out my laundry similarly attired, but not today. Pleasant as it was, it wasn’t yet a ‘kit off’ day, although if the British media are to believed…and I don’t trust the media, British or otherwise, we’re to get a heatwave…but not before an ‘arctic plunge‘. In other words…they don’t know! A shame the media applies similar values to politics…the missing Malaysian flight….or just about anything else you care to name. Reduced to piffling ‘unnamed sources say that’ quotes, it’s clear that the media know marginally more than any of the rest of us but, charged with filling pages rather than reporting anything of note or value, simply fill the pages with drivel. Ergo, celebrity culture.

Oh dear. I’m climbing onto my soapbox again. Time to wrap up this post.

It’s clear that the SL bloggers now firmly have one eye, at least, on summer. When Easter, and ‘Egg Hunts’, ‘Bunny Hunts’ and the like are over, it’s a slow incline to summer, to many freebies that fit as ‘naturist accessory’, and lots of posts that reflect what we all hope is a long, hot summer.