Naked SL News!

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Model Judy is posing with what may become a familiar type of photo, but with different photos, of course.

Using a lovely little programme I’ve found online, which allows all manner of filters to be applied to photographs,  I thought this effect -a TV banner headline effect- suited our needs well.

I don’t have a huge amount of in world news to report right now, but I imagine we shall utilise this effect from time to time in the future where important SL naturist stories are concerned…grand openings of new sims…that sort of thing.

Stay tuned, as they say in TV land.


Changing computers

A quick heads up on what’s maybe going to be a couple of unplanned, forced days of SLN silence, as I change computers.

My iMac has developed what is a familiar ‘fault’ to many users, where one side of the screen goes dark…research telling me this is a backlight issue. I do want to pop it into dry dock, and have the issue resolved, but rather than face maybe a fortnight’s enforced lay off from blogging, while I leave it in, get it repaired, find a suitable date for collection again, I’ve ordered one up for collection this afternoon, and I should hopefully be back online in some shape or form this evening. However, as anyone who changes computers knows, there’s all those bookmarks to export/import, and other issues to be addressed before it’s ‘business as usual’ (I do thrash iTunes incessantly, it must be said…so getting that organised will be something of an issue to be addressed too. Once back online, I can set this iMac to one side until I can get it dropped in for repair, if not too expensive, or retired permanently. I’m a bit of an Apple junkie, and I have to say this is the first time I’ve ever had any technical problems with their gear, but I’m greatly disappointed that such an expensive piece of kit has only lasted two years. Yeah, I dropped one of their laptops a few years back and its screen stopped working, but even then could still be made to work successfully using an external monitor. And I think it’s fair to say that, judging by research, Apple’s modus operandi is to charge an arm and a leg for repairs, to the point where replacement is a viable option to repair. Hence the decision not to -for the moment at least- go for that enforced blogging break. I could leave it in for repair, be quoted the GDP of a minor nation, and still be no better off. So my afternoon is going to be one of swapping computers and setting it up how I want it to be.

Anyway…if I do get it fixed it’ll make a great computer for the playroom, and for the children to do their Disney-related games on.

sanne stool dance2_001


On a happier, lighter note, my period of mental-exhaustion related to long work days is now over, I have a slew of days off next weekend, and I’m hoping to get the next issue of SLN published. Perhaps not by Easter Day itself, but certainly around that time. I’ll keep you posted. The SLN ‘Spring Break’ issue is largely complete, bar the editing photos into texts, captioning and all of that other minor stuff I need to do.