Münchner Stadt nackt Zonen

I hope that’s a good translation of ‘Munich’s Urban Naked Zones‘ in the title!

Legislation governing public nudity expired in 2013 and Munich has moved to create public nudity space in the city; six special areas.

Of course, Munich has been famous for one area, the Englischer Garten, or ‘English Garden’, where city centre nudity has been tolerated for decades.


A relaxed and mutually tolerant mix of nudists and textiles at Munich’s ‘Englischer Garten’

jimmy sl munich_001b

Jimmy heads to some green space in the SL Munich sim to replicate RL in SL


How I’ve endured!

I hate to make this sound like a moaning ‘First World Problems’ posting (a.k.a. ‘White Whine’) but it has taken several days to knock my new computer into shape, hence the lack of postings. I promise we’ll be making up for that over the next few days, starting this evening (Friday).

My previous one, currently ‘dry docked’ for repairs worked just as I liked it, but I’ve had to go through a bit of tweaking to set this one up as I like, up to and including sorting out my SL links, graphics speeds and so on.

I’m ready to go…we’re on ‘Spring Break’, and the sun is shining. I’m going to utilise it today for a while, and then begin to get some things posted later.

judy socal static models_001b

We’ll be reporting, to begin with, on the new(ish) SoCal naturist location -slurl to follow in that post. In the meantime, here’s our model Judy with three ‘static models’ sunning themselves at SoCal.