SLN 11 : Advertisement

sln11 advertisementsln11 advertisement


I had hoped to get SLN 11 out over Easter. I wasn’t really held back by anything that prevented its appearance, other than a sudden desire to ‘clear the decks’ completely.

What I do is keep all SLN imagery in folders (we’re up to SLN folder 15, incidentally), and I will back them up to hard drive from time to time and clear the decks once I’ve used all the photos I think I can possibly use. While the most recent folder was quite packed, it wasn’t at the point where I wished to back it up and start on folder 16…but then as I was rejigging the computer I thought ‘well, why not?’.

So I backed up, and started the new one. And decided…well, I’d quite like a new -brand new- set of photos started. So that’s what we’ve done. I’ve stripped out all the photos intended for SLN11 posts and asked Harry and Diana to begin again. 🙂

And Harry and Diana have stepped up to the mark to present me with quite a number of photo-shoots. Thanks to them! But with the new photos came a realisation I needed to tweak the material, so that’s what I and Pookes have been doing this Easter weekend (incidentally, fully refreshed from a break, and honeymoon, Pookes is back, full-tilt, and you’ll be reading some of her work in SLN11).

Anyway…this post is nothing but an advertisement for SLN11, out on April 30th, and an opportunity to stick a couple of examples of recent photoshoots up for you.ofra6_001b ofra9_001b omar25_001b

Wherever you are in SL, stay naked!