SLN 11 : Advertisement

sln11 advertisementsln11 advertisement


I had hoped to get SLN 11 out over Easter. I wasn’t really held back by anything that prevented its appearance, other than a sudden desire to ‘clear the decks’ completely.

What I do is keep all SLN imagery in folders (we’re up to SLN folder 15, incidentally), and I will back them up to hard drive from time to time and clear the decks once I’ve used all the photos I think I can possibly use. While the most recent folder was quite packed, it wasn’t at the point where I wished to back it up and start on folder 16…but then as I was rejigging the computer I thought ‘well, why not?’.

So I backed up, and started the new one. And decided…well, I’d quite like a new -brand new- set of photos started. So that’s what we’ve done. I’ve stripped out all the photos intended for SLN11 posts and asked Harry and Diana to begin again. 🙂

And Harry and Diana have stepped up to the mark to present me with quite a number of photo-shoots. Thanks to them! But with the new photos came a realisation I needed to tweak the material, so that’s what I and Pookes have been doing this Easter weekend (incidentally, fully refreshed from a break, and honeymoon, Pookes is back, full-tilt, and you’ll be reading some of her work in SLN11).

Anyway…this post is nothing but an advertisement for SLN11, out on April 30th, and an opportunity to stick a couple of examples of recent photoshoots up for you.ofra6_001b ofra9_001b omar25_001b

Wherever you are in SL, stay naked!


2 thoughts on “SLN 11 : Advertisement

  1. Well, essentially it’s just a series of posts on this blog, topped and tailed by a ‘front cover’ and ‘back cover’. I’ll usually pop in an editorial and let the staff loose with a series of articles, some of which may be linked.

    We HAVE explored -it’s possible within SL- doing a proper ‘turn the pages’ book/mag that exists in world. We have the capability, the initial plan was to issue it this way, in world, via ‘news vending stands’ dotted around various SL naturist locations. In the end we opted for basically an online version, and the idea was we’d do it like a pdf file on this website, to read like a proper mag. And we have the capability to do that too!

    Sadly (or happily) these versions never achieved fruition because we started blogging…and almost 800 posts and 2 and a half years later we’re still finding stuff to write about as opposed to a ‘quarterly’ in world or pdf magazine.

    Doing it quarterly or monthly wouldn’t have done justice to the fast-moving world of SL’s naturist lifestyle. However, we do try to keep evolving, and if anyone thought that a purely in world pick-up-and-‘buy’ (we’d be doing it free) version is an option, I’d certainly re-visit that idea.

    And we DO like the the idea of cross-fertilising between virtual naturism and the real life version. Fancy an ‘ad’ for your blog (free, of course!) in the next issue?


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