A beach sunrise

Originally, this was just intended to be a simple photo-essay I did with a new, wonderful model I’m working with, a vibrant redhead calling herself Zin. As Ella has previously stated, she asked Diane and myself if we could consider previous photo sessions to be ‘retired’ and if both of us could do some brand new, fresh photos, which is what I’ve been working on recently.

When I handed these over to Ella, however, she immediately shot back an IM, very excitedly, and requested that she added her own text (which follows in italic text).

When I saw Harry’s photo-set, I was immediately reminded of a real scenario that seemed very familiar to me, and which I’ve replicated to some degree in real life. When on holiday, in the past, we used to get up very early to watch a Mediterranean sunrise, and even take some RL naturist holiday snaps for…well, not exactly the family album! 🙂

A little way along the beach there’s a very popular beach cafe. These are called chiringuitos in Spain. Essentially, they serve food and drink and are semi-permanent in nature, that is, they’re maybe wooden structures that can be dismantled and removed if necessary. And we’ve sat by chiringuitos waiting for them to open for a Spanish ‘desayuno‘ -breakfast- which might typically comprise of a bite sized sausage roll, a bite sized doughnut, a glass of water, a glass of orange juice and a coffee, all served up for just a couple of Euros. Granted, you can opt for heartier breakfasts if you wish, but the nibbles are almost ‘tapas‘ like in their size, and the juice and coffee are an excellent kick-start to the day.  Their cafe-con-leche (milky coffee) is probably one of the few occasions in a year when I actually drink coffee.

Harry’s photographs made me think of these breakfasts, eaten au naturel on a Mediterranean shoreline, and evoked strong memories for me. And I will be taking in several of these A.M. breakfasts in just a few more weeks. I can’t wait!


It’s good to know that the photo-essay has at least one admirer! I have to say that Zin and I look a bit ‘loved up’ in the photos (which I took in my Spencer Cloakk alt-guise) but we’re nothing more than good SL friends. I should add that I’ve done quite a number of sessions with Zin and you’ll be seeing more of her in the next issue of SLN magazine (Ella adds: out on Wednesday!)

sunrise by the beach1 sunrisebeach2 sunrisebeach3 sunrisebeach4 sunrisebeach5 sunrisebeach6



I was zooming around the naturist sims earlier,  and on dropping into Eden, I noticed a certain familiar statue, probably because I was checking out some websites in relation to my first naturist holiday of the year now just a few weeks away.

Here’s Eden’s statue…

eden tp_001b
And here’s the statue that dominates the entrance to Vera Playa’s naturist area…

DCF 1.0


I like the fact that, even down to the smallest details, SL’s naturist sim builders can squeeze in the little things that make the naturist experience in SL as realistic and true to RL as they possibly can.




From time to time SLN has reported on body hair as an add-on for your avatar.

With this in mind I’ve been exploring for possible new developments in these…er…areas, and managed to locate something that isn’t new, but is new to me, on the marketplace.



At L$89, it’s a snip (no pun intended). While Nearly Tactile’s pubic hair (for men and women) remains the benchmark for genital hair, they don’t do underarm hair, and this set (both underarm and pubic hair come in panty and tattoo layers) gives a natural look to the underarms, if you are into that look. I also think that both would equally suit a male avatar. So if you need some body hair on a budget I suggest you try the marketplace, type in ‘underarm’ or ‘armpit hair’, and grab this nifty set.

NB: Despite there being reference to an in world store -which exists- I couldn’t see this collection being sold on site, so we picked it up from the marketplace and gave it to our model to model!

ellana hairy armpits_0012b