The Night Owl

the night owl


Lucky I’m a night person. Because I’m still working on the next issue of SLN!

I’ll be posting a personal update as part of the SLN11 editorial, an explanation of why I’ve not been around much in world recently.

The darkness has descended following a beautiful day here, and I’ll be burning the midnight lamp to get SLN11 finished, and with a blank page yet as far as the editorial’s concerned.

Hopefully the photo gives a sense of the SLN office, late into the night….


Topless Tuesdays

There’s a meme going around SL, Topless Tuesdays, and several bloggers subscribe to the idea.

Here at SLN we’re of an opinion that why go half way when you can go the whole way, but if we leave that aside then we’re fully supportive of the concept. Normalising skin on the blogs is to be encouraged. With that in mind, Diane has been out and about, capturing some of our models for the purpose of providing a little album for Topless Tuesday. Of course, this being SLN, we do things a little differently 🙂

So…captured in the same pose, and asked to wear their favourite panties for the shoot, here’s a selection of ladies who agreed to pose for us.

tt1 tt2 tt3 tt4 tt5 tt6 tt7 tt9 tt10