SLN 11: Editorial

I used to think ‘stress’ was a lazy-person’s get-out clause until this week. I’ve been feeling properly ill for some time now, and didn’t know what was causing it. Something the children brought home from play-school? Allergy to our new cat? (I promise I won’t turn into a cat-photo blogger!). tumblr_static_kittens-in-underpants-big

Some pussies hanging out of underwear…

Whoops, sorry! I don’t know what came over me there….but there we are…some people come to SLN for photos of pussies, so I thought I’d stick that one in… Anyway, I finally saw the doctor on Monday and it turns out I’m suffering from work-related stress. I’ll be off work for three weeks, minimum. I’ve to take lots of exercise, which won’t be hard, I love cycling and walking and swimming, and report back in three weeks to see if my stress-levels have diminished. I don’t feel great right now, all sorts of tight chest (I did think it was heart issues for a while), tight arms and anxiety. Having talked it over with Mr. Keng, we’ve more or less decided that I shall try to get the stress levels down over the next couple of weeks and then most likely quit the job I’m doing, and have only moved to in recent months. There’s a possibility this may well end up with more blogging, if there’s anything to blog about, and even if not, much more time in world (hooray!) without having my editor’s hat on. Let us see how things develop.


Away from real life, I think we’re going to constitute a little of a policy change with SLN, in that we shall, up to a point, feature more RL naturist photos where they’re relevant, and where I think we can justify them in terms of being SL associated. Previously I’ve shied away from these, unless they’ve been ‘vintage’ in the main, or certainly of a nature where the model is anonymous. Certainly nothing voyeuristic. While voyeur styled photos may be all over the net, and thus posting them here does little to further embarrass unwitting models, I’ve always said no to them on principle. But I’ve decided to change that policy largely at Barbara’s behest, because she’s seen some photos of RL naturists she’d like to use in an upcoming post, and makes the argument that the subjects are all looking directly at camera, so they’re ‘real life’ but certainly not of a voyeuristic nature.

The following is one of the photos she’ll be using on her post, but I’ve decided to pop it in here to give you a sense of what’s ‘acceptable’.

!bch-m5  (3)

Yep! Mature ladies happy to indulge in RL naturism, pose for the camera, yet still not necessarily ‘reveal’ anything. I think we can live with that.


Finally, May’s calendar will be delayed until the weekend. I need to retrieve the photos from the back up drive from my old computer. Sorry for the delay on that front.


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