SLN 11: Mastectomy



SL is pretty good in regard to fund-raising, and no more so in respect of various ‘pink ribbon‘ campaigns. That’s those fund raising events related to breast cancer.

I have previously written here about my first start in blogging, on Emmanuelle’s blog, and how one of the writers there, Marlene, was diagnosed with breast cancer and left SL for a while to have a mastectomy. Happily, Marlene survived and was given a clean bill of health because -as is oft repeated- early detection is key to survival, and Marlene’s breast cancer was caught extremely early.Pink-Ribbon1

While she recovered at home, and was back blogging in SL, Marlene decided to quit her job at the time and began working for a breast cancer charity, feeling her real life experience would be valuable. And shortly thereafter she quit SL to dedicate all of her time to her new job.

I recall she said that when SL came up with a post-mastectomy skin, and she could proudly wear it on the beaches of SL, a reminder that it is survivable, and be a constant reminder to SL’s female avatars to check for lumps and bumps on a regular basis, she might return to the game.

Well, she just might be coming back, if Barbara’s recent discovery is anything to go by. I’ll leave you in Babs hands for the remainder of this post.




Thanks Ella.

Amacci recently released a new group skin (free to join, by the way) It’s called ‘Tyne’ and I loved the look of it, so picked it up and am currently wearing it.


But while over at the store I noticed a new set of skin tattoo and underwear layers (L$100) for those who might be interested in a ‘femboy’ look. That is, a male with a feminine ‘look’ and not subscribing to the accepted ‘norm’ of how males should look. Interesting, I thought, so I dialled up Harry, initially with the thought of us featuring a model who might be extremely flat chested. After all, there are an enormous number of women around whose physique is such that there’s not much ‘up top’. (Tell me about it! : Ella)

And Harry was able to get a model willing to pose for him with this look (see elsewhere in SLN 11 for that photo-shoot).

From there, the brief changed a little bit, as Harry, Ella and I all agreed that, for now, this might be the closest look to ‘post mastectomy’ that might be achievable in SL. And thus we put our heads together to consider our options. The marketplace has an enormous number of ‘scars’ available, so we got our model to add another tattoo layer (L$120). While the scars involved aren’t perfect for our needs, being more of a ‘healed sword wound’ variety, and not perfectly suited to representing a mastectomy operation, the result is pretty good. (If ‘good’ is a word we should be applying to such a horrible disease).

mastectomy post op2_001b


The flat-chested element is not really shown to its best advantage in this shot -nor intended to be- but you can check out an entire post dedicated to use of the layers/tattoos from Amacci via the link I’ve given above.

I understand this post may not be to everyone’s taste, and some might even find it ‘tasteless’, but my feeling is that it’s important for women who have gone through surgery to understand that they do not cease to be beautiful. They do not lose their sexuality or femininity as a result. And sometimes this look, worn on an avatar, might just be a reminder of that. It might be a reminder for a woman to do that regular self-check.



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