SLN11: SoCal Naturists

A newish naturist location in SL is SoCal, which I assume refers to SOuthern CALifornia. I was over there a few weeks back, but I didn’t post about it immediately because I’m minded to -on discovery of a new place- not jump the gun, and see just how things develop.

Currently things haven’t developed at SoCal. And I say that as a good thing. I’ve previously spoken of how, in RL, the naturist experience is not always packed with ‘amenities’. It can be a simple walk down the beach, hand in hand with someone else, paddling in the water and feeling the experience of simply being alive. And SoCal does that very well. If it’s truly a ‘get away from it all’ naturist experience you want, wandering unpopulated beaches for ‘miles’ (it’s a circular island, you can make it miles if you so desire). Other than a few hammocks and a couple of beach huts, SoCal has a simple, uncluttered look.

Sure, diving in and doing things in SL is sometimes the way to go. At other times, a bit of space and blue sky is all we need, be it in RL or SL, and SoCal does that very well.


socal1 socal2 socal3

A simple, uncluttered look at SoCal may be regarded as one of its strengths. A place for peace and solitude, and well suited to naturist socialising.


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