Idiot Heroes



My other half -the RL Mr. Whelan- (to borrow a turn of phrase Ella would use) is something of a rock music buff, and we (he, basically) has shelves stacked deep, wall to ceiling, with vinyl LPs, singles, Eps, 10″ collectable items, 78rpm discs, CDs and all manner of turntables and amplifiers attached. And when he comes home he’ll choose something to meet his mood and the scratchy records go on. Last night it was a general ‘David Bowie and associates’ mood, and that began with us listening to ‘Heroes’, after which a contemporaneous release, Iggy Pop‘s ‘The Idiot’, produced by Bowie, got a spin. After that, we headed down a weird, eclectic route. A Mott the Hoople album. A Lulu single. Don’t worry, American friends, if you don’t recognise the names. I’m not wholly familiar with them either, and I grew up in the era they were famous!

Anyway, during our listening and me perusing the sleeves (oh how LP artwork is vastly superior to the CD variety) it transpired Iggy liked, on occasion and to use a colourful turn of phrase, to ‘rock out with his cock out’ (see photo above).

And it seemed that the 70s seemed to be a time for black and white sleeves with implausible hand gestures involved (see ‘The Idiot’ and ‘Heroes’ sleeves below)

iggy-pop-the-idiot david_bowie_heroes


So…how about a conflation?

A nude male model sporting implausible hand gestures? Yes, I asked the photography team to come up with something, and Diane gave me the following shot. 🙂

hand pose1




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