Different approaches to beachwear (2)

nude older


One of the things I see regularly on trips to naturist places, be it the beach, in a naturist hotel or campground, is that people go on holiday together. Friends? Family? Whatever, you’ll often see two couples who obviously know each other and who are on holiday together.

Or there’s the locals for whom the naturist lifestyle is the normal lifestyle, not just for the duration of holidays.

And in both cases it’s common to see the women talking a walk together. Girlie time (whatever their ages)!

And in this scenario, whatever age, whether local or holidaymakers, they differ in terms of beach wear from when they’re with their men folk. That is, there is none! 🙂

Yes, it’s almost as if there’s some unseen force at work that says ‘I shall match your dress code’, and in most instances that means fully nude. It’s as if they no longer feel the focus of attention in numbers (even if the number is two), and fully nudity is therefore suddenly more acceptable in the circumstances.

We see this in all holiday circumstances. A group of teenage girls go on holiday and when the first one goes topless, the rest follow suit. When one decides for a reckless skinny dip at midnight, the rest join in, not wanting to feel left out. (Guys will do exactly the same).


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