Different approaches to swimwear (3) : A naturist accessory post

I don’t know how it is elsewhere in the world, but in Europe going topless is normal to the point of invisibility.

What I’ve seen on some beaches is that -as Ella said in a previous entry- some men will walk around nude while their partner is, sometimes, a little more reticent as far as a nudist beach is concerned. Topless, yes. Bottomless, no. Or, at least, not yet!

This, at least, is how the holiday begins. Maybe 2-3 days in she realises the stupidity of wearing this stupid, chafing, wet, uncomfortable piece of cloth, and gets around to discarding it when she has satisfied herself it’s quite normal, and much more logical to go without.

While exploring the Muschi store I noticed that they’re offering ‘free’ (but actually L$1) tan lines and, while there, they had a panties-down set (L$110). Throw in a L$15 pose from the marketplace and we’ve got a set that replicates, to a degree, that moment when she’s had enough of the horrible, clingy thing which doesn’t want to behave itself each time she’s overwhelmed by a wave, and decides to get rid of the stupid thing!

sanne bend over_001b sanne bend over2_001b


You go, girl!  The tan lines look great. As summer comes upon us we’re all trying to get some sense of colour in our skin, while living circumstances sometimes dictate that it’s not always possible to be nude while sunbathing in advance of a naturist holiday. As such some of us (I include myself in this) will often commence a holiday with ‘white bits’. The tattoo layer, panties and pose all make for a great ‘naturist accessory’.

Model: Sanne, Sim: Eden, photographer: Harry



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