Problematic virtual naturism can affect a person’s view of real life naturism

Excellent article here from Asian-American Naturist about why photos are important to naturism.


A(nother) sad fact is that the term “naturism” has been hijacked by the porn industry.

The above sentence stood out for me, in a SL context. It remains a sad fact that some SL locations advertising themselves as ‘naturist’ are nothing other than sleazy cyber locations, nothing to do with naturism. And that angers me, as it reinforces, through a virtual world, that naturism = sex. And this is the sense that some will take away from SL, that a ‘nudist beach’ is going to be populated with mega-boobed female avatars with no morality, easy sex-pickings. And the attitude formed here, in SL, is the one they’ll take away into RL.

diane bike_001bc

We shall endeavour to keep promoting the proper, healthy, wholesome aspects of naturism, in and out of SL. Cyber locations won’t be part of the deal.


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