See you on Topless Tuesday

No more posts tonight, and none tomorrow, but I am rather excited that we’ve got a ‘Topless Tuesday’ post lined up for…ah…Tuesday! I’ve been hoping to get one done for some time now, and thus we’ve had our photographers out and about capturing some of our models (and strangers!) for a bit of a photo-essay. After that, I’ll be in world a lot towards the end of the week again, and I do plan to hold an elongated ‘surgery’ somewhere on Friday. Essentially I plan to be more or less in world all day. I won’t necessarily be stuck to one location, though. The plan is to spend periods of time and get around all of our favourite naturist sims, plus possibly drop in on one or two that aren’t ‘properly’ (by my definition) ‘naturist’ and maybe ask people what it is attracts them to those sims. We’ll see how it goes. As with all things SL, it’s subject to change.

In the meantime, I’ve twisted Harry’s nipples arm until he released on of his Topless Tuesday photos to illustrate this post. As you can see, the photos become increasingly artistic in nature, almost with a painterly quality. See you all back here on Tuesday!

fannymouille tt9_001bbb_Fotor


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