It’s Topless…Thursday (again).

djenly tt2_001b_Fotor jelena tt_001b_FotorMy apologies. I thought I had posted the following on Tuesday evening, I went to bed, and then didn’t get the opportunity to look at the blog again until this morning, Thursday, at which point the post appeared to be missing from the blog. Yep, I’d pressed the ‘preview’ rather than ‘publish’ button and when I closed down the wordpress programme, the post defaulted to a ‘draft’ again, rather than appear on the blog.

We’ve done a topless Thursday post before, by design rather than accident, but in this instance it’s accident rather than design.

So…here’s Topless Tuesday Thursday, something of a very popular meme amongst avatars.


fannymouille tt5_001-001b_Fotor


Let me just remind you that there’s a flickr group dedicated to the meme which you can find here. I keep threatening to sign up, but I’m put off by the fact that another social media possibly means spreading the SL time available to me ever more thinly, which is why I keep resisting.


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