You can have the choice we’ve made for you (3)

Let’s not kid ourselves we’re doing anything wonderful here at SLN. We’re a niche lifestyle blog about a niche online game. Yeah, we’ve regularly featured pixellated nudity but…wow, so what? We’ve featured possibly the first gay kiss in the SL blogosphere but, again, wow, so what? There’s more important stuff going on.

And so we come to a trio of posts which have precisely nothing to do with SL, or SL naturism, but issues that need to be addressed, as those of us who use SL love the freedom it provides for whatever sexuality we have, all reflected within our politics-free virtual globe. And for those of us who are RL naturists, I think we must almost reflexively side with those whose rights are being eroded or denied.

In the ‘real’ world, rapidly becoming the surreal world, personal freedoms are constantly being eroded. I take a keen interest in this, as naturism (the RL variety) is constantly under threat from idiots with an ignorant view of it, and thus I do fight to ensure the hard-earned liberties won by previous generations aren’t removed in a world becoming less free. Of course, the right to be naked in a public location is pretty small beer compared to the travails being suffered by those featured in this mini-series. I urge you to read all three, just to remind yourself that we are all under threat -be it as naturists, as part of the gay community, as part of womanhood, as part of free individuals making free, individual choices threatened by small-minded zealots.



While gay rights (or lack thereof) in Russia, or womens’ rights, in patriarchal Iran, are serious, I think, of the three posts in this mini-series, this post is the most serious of all.

A pregnant Sudanese woman has been sentenced to be hanged for ‘apostasy’ (the act of renouncing one’s faith) because she married a Christian and was, despite being raised as a Christian, is the child of a Muslim man and therefore was tried as being Muslim herself. In the eyes of the Sudanese court, she didn’t have the right to make a choice as to which deity she should worship. Additionally, adherents of ‘the religion of peace‘ have sentenced her to a flogging for ‘adultery’, having married a non-Muslim.Islam01

Nice work, boys! I’m convinced your ilk has the right to tell women what to do*

Amnesty International have, quite rightly, said that it’s a flagrant breach of international human rights law. Hardly an earth-shattering revelation, though. Human rights, particularly in the case of women, and Islamic women, are routinely breached. Since 2005 the US has given $8bn in aid to Sudan. The UK $135m. The UN $225m. While Amnesty are doing the right thing, it seems that the more immediate chance of ensuring this poor woman’s survival is a clear message that there won’t be another brass farthing, ever, in aid if she is flogged or hanged.

And are we fast approaching the time when those of us in the west demand that not another cent of our taxes is allowed to support these barbaric regimes being played out on the lie that they represent ‘peace’?


*This image was taken during a rally in London, the city of my birth and upbringing, some years ago. But it’s clear that, whatever the year, ‘freedom’ can ‘go to hell’ where the rights of women, and the rights of women not to be Muslim, or wear the symbols of Islam, are concerned.

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