Well done, Doctor!

Today’s Guardian has a piece in which Dr. Victoria Bateman, an economics professor at Cambridge University, discusses having posed for a nude painting. And rather delightful it is, too.



More to the point, she has proudly allowed her name to be added to it on the basis that it challenges pre-conceptions of nude models. Often, I guess, the assumption will be that they are airheads, people who pose merely for money and aren’t particularly clever. I guess we make the same assumptions about photographic models too. So does it mean we need to re-assess how we view art or nude photography? I think it does.


SLN on Issuu

Let me invite you to Issuu, an online publishing site where I’ve uploaded a short copy of SL Naturist.

I’m not sure what you’ll think, or how it looks, but I’d certainly invite comments to see if this is a format you’d like to see us utilise in future.

howie1 and trine_001c


I’ve not numbered it as part of the ongoing magazines, as it is an experiment, but if you think it works, let me know. There’s not a lot that’s new in there, just a brief excursion around some of SL’s best-known naturist locations and a brief introduction to the staff. Stuff you all probably know. But we’re keen to keep the magazine moving forward, hence this experiment in delivering the product in a different way.