Naturism in Second Life: SL Naturist Users’ Guides

I’m thrilled to find that the brief, experimental edition of SLN we published on Issuu has been exceptionally well received. So much so that we’re deviating (again!) from normal postings over the next week to publish a few more, this time with a theme.

What I’ve done is sent our writers and photographers out into the field to essentially give me an A-Z of the best naturist locations in SL, and we’ll publish them as ‘Users’ Guides’. Hopefully we’ll have a first tranche of these published over the next week or so. My intention is to publish a User’s Guide to Su Casa, Eden Naturopolis and Lupe’s. Of course there are many others, and hopefully we’ll get around to these as well, but my hope is that these three will be featured in the next week. The emphasis will be on facilities and features. Pretty much a kind of ‘National Geographic‘ meets ‘Conde Nast Traveller‘ meets Rough Guide!

OK…these are feature filled sims, and perhaps we’ll not do them justice, but we’re going to shake the tree as hard as we can anyway.

Having said it’s about facilities and features, it doesn’t mean we’ll avoid the most important aspect of SL -you, its user!- entirely. So if in the next week or so you happen to spot Pookes, Barbara, Harry, Diana or myself out and about don’t be afraid to say hello, and please don’t be shy of the camera! 🙂

su casa lighthouse


If you’re a user (or manager/officer) of these locations, please, drop us a line or photos or any other information so that we can ensure these guides are absolutely current when we go to publish them! I’ll be in world a lot over the next week or so, so be sure to IM me if you’re online, and I’ll try and get your opinions and thoughts recorded for the guides as well.




2 thoughts on “Naturism in Second Life: SL Naturist Users’ Guides

  1. The format looks great, Ella, as we all knew it would from the from the time and effort that all of you put into making a quality publication. I also appreciate that Su Casa is on your list. While some features may have changed, the philosophy at Su Casa hasn’t. Su Casa remains dedicated to being a safe and friendly true to life naturist location in SL.

  2. Thanks for your support, Gray. I expect to have these guides on Issuu, and links to them via the blog, by the weekend. The ‘Su Casa’ and ‘Eden’ ones are almost complete, with just a few more photos to take for all three locations 🙂


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