Progress, after a fashion

It has been brought to my attention that SL have updated their starter avatars, and that they no longer are stuck with underwear stuck to the skin, which can’t be removed until you apply your first proper skin. Now, it seems that new avatars can be stripped naked, in a manner or speaking. Nude, but Barbfied. No genitals, no nipples. But it is, after a fashion, progress.


new sl avi



The Photo Strip

I’ve determined to end the ‘SL Fine Art Nudes’ blog. Essentially, it’s not an easy thing to determine what constitutes ‘fine art nudes’ or ‘erotic’ in an SL setting. Plus, I keep getting distracted from it with work for SLN, and with other ‘commissions’. So we’ve come to a decision that it will end ‘soon’ and be taken offline.

One of the ongoing projects I’ve been working on is a thing called ‘The Photo Strip’, partly inspired by the photo below.



I liked the concept of it, so with the willing aid of Polish model Bozena, I’m offering the first of these ‘Photo Strips’ here, below.

bozena photo strip bozena photo strip2


Further instalments will appear in due course.


(Ella adds: I’ll be re-jigging the site soon. Some ‘pages’ may disappear, and replaced with new ones. Some concepts simply don’t work, and so we’ll be acknowledging this with a minor re-vamp of SLN quite soon).