Skin Model

I don’t know why we’ve not thought of this before! (slaps palm of hand against forehead).

While many blogs will blog fashion items and show them off beautifully, we’ve never actually promoted the best suit we’ll ever own, our birthday suit!

Almost every photo taken for SLN features that suit. And when we check out blogs, or visit stores, we still encounter some coyness (nipple pasties, etc) in relation to showing the skins off to their full effect! I’ve still never seen anyone blog a male skin with genitals displayed, and it’s a rare event where a female skin in a store (there are exceptions) will show nipples (although that’s changing) or female genitals. Odd, really, considering that we’re often making a financial commitment to an item that will be displayed to a greater or lesser extent, daily.

If I’m buying, I want to know exactly what I’m buying (shaved, landing strip, puffy nipples?). As a result I’ve decided that we will, in future, be featuring skins in full effect here on SLN. Hopefully that would give you, the buyer, a fuller sense of that important and sometimes expensive purchase.

And hair, too, defines our avatar. If you’ve ever changed your hairstyle you’ll know exactly what I mean…it can markedly alter an avatar’s look.

Let me kick off this new feature by pointing you at Pink Fuel which does nice skins. Nothing free, but you can pick up a L$75 skin which looks lovely. I’m also very impressed by the ‘boi’ tattoo layers which can give an androgynous or ‘flat chested’ look to your avatar, so I’ll focus on that today. Another L$100, but for an outlay of L$175 you can adopt a new, different ‘boi’ shape (see below). You can, of course, spend more on a skin, or go in the opposite direction with a much bustier look, but I think that the androgynous look is new(ish) and interesting.

pink fuel boi_001b



boi eden_001b


I only noticed recently that Amacci were doing something similar, and now Pink Fuel had expanded what’s available for a ‘flat chested’ look in SL. I was also intrigued by how the flat-chested look might work with a bikini in place (I’m guessing there are SL avatars who are both flat-chested and non-naturist), and the answer to that quandary was that it does work quite well, although putting on a bikini has the odd look of giving the model more cleavage. The hair, incidentally, is one of the newer ones at Dura Hair, and is unisex, something that also adds to the androgynous look.

boi bikini_001b


Finally, I got our model to add glasses. I don’t know why, but I think that androgynous look also has a kind of ‘nerd’ look (and I don’t mean that unkindly, having grown up flat-chested -although not quite as much as our model- and wearing glasses. Believe me, I know all about the de-sexualised nerdy look! 🙂 )


glasses boi_001b




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