Our first three guides to SL Naturist locations are available on Issuu

diane lupes

We’re done! 🙂 All three guides to some of SL’s best naturist locations are now available on Issuu, and if I’ve done it right, are downloadable. That’s right! You can now print off some SLN material! I’m almost certain that, with future issues of the mag (the next being SLN 12) we’ll probably take the dual route, online and downloadable and printable.

You can find Su Casa here

You can find Eden Naturopolis here.

And you can find Lupe’s Magical Forest here.

I learned that it was an enjoyable experience but, as with all things SLN related, I could have done them all better. It’s a learning curve. 🙂

The layouts could have been better, but as I say, we’ll get it right next time!

Anyway, let me know what you think…all advice and criticism gratefully received. For now, it’s back to the SL ‘day job’, editing some more SLN posts for the weekend.

See you soon,



(NOTE: If the links don’t work properly, roll the ‘http’ off the front. I’ve had a little bit of trouble making the links work properly with wordpress. Let me know if there’s any issues).


2 thoughts on “Our first three guides to SL Naturist locations are available on Issuu

  1. I’ve just checked, and the guides are indeed downloadable in pdf format. It takes a bit of intuitive button pushing to find out which one does it, but it’s certainly possible for any of you to download it and save a copy.


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