Harry’s Gallery at Nude Haven



Hi! I’ve opened a small gallery at Nude Haven, which will hopefully fill up with downloadable images over the weekend. I’ve been planning to open a gallery for some time now, and the opportunity to do it on an urban, naturist sim was one that was too good to pass up.harry studio2_001b

I hope to have the permissions set so that visitors can ‘buy’ (i.e. L$0) anything they like. Items that can be bought will be on the walls, with other photographs on easels around the gallery. Essentially, if it’s on an easel, but you’d like it as something to hang on your apartment wall…ask! 🙂

I’m still working at it, and it’s going to take me most of Sunday to ‘crack’ how to do it all correctly (never having built anything before), but I hope to have it filled up by tomorrow night (at least to my prim limit! 🙂 ).

Please! Stop by! The plan is to run it for a month, and probably rotate the photographs from time to time. Free they may be, but prints are usually done in ‘limited runs’, so once it’s gone, it’s gone! Not even fistfuls of Linden dollars will bring them back once I change them. So please bookmark the gallery and keep checking back.

Thanks for your support.




One thought on “Harry’s Gallery at Nude Haven

  1. My apologies to Harry. I’ve a new publishing toy I’m working with, and I produced a ‘poster’ as the photo for this post, spelling mistakes and all! Too busy working with the mechanics of it to check my typos! Not great editing leadership, is it? 🙂

    Due to a quirk with wordpress, my poster somehow shows on the main SLN page, but not on the actual post (I didn’t want it showing anyway, with its spelling errors).


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