Naked Catwalk (1 of 2)

Forgive me for not being ‘up to date’, but I wasn’t aware of this story until last week, when I happened to find a copy of the paper, eighteen months old now, yellowed and dirty, lining a box in which I’d stored some things in my greenhouse. Naturally I was intrigued, so a little internet reading, a call to Diana to find a model, and a week or so later, here we are!

Nudity, it seems, is now part of ‘fashion’. We do keep telling you, your birthday suit the best fitting, most enduring suit you’ll ever own! One that will never go out of fashion (as a trawl through the annals of Art History will prove).



Yes, it’s a lovely young woman called Sophia Cahill,  a model and former Miss Wales, treading the catwalk while heavily pregnant. And gorgeous she looks too.

The internet is terrific, with the capability to read several different perspectives with the benefit of eighteen months distance, and thus read those supportive of her appearance, and some against it, largely miaowing, claws drawn ‘feminists’ who write in a poisonous manner for many of the UK’s newspapers.

My mind turned to how we might replicate this in Second Life, and so Diane rounded up a model who was willing to be photographed ‘pregnant’ (there’s no virtual pregnancy or Mama Allpa hud thing going on here, the model simply adjusted her figure to suit…in case you were wondering).

pregnant hat 3 pregnant hat2 pregnanthat


As with Sophia Cahill, our model has chosen to model a hat.

pregnant hat 5 pregnant hat 6pregnant hat4



It must be said that long after any dresses that were worn at the show are forgotten (or more accurately, fallen out of fashion) Sophia’s beautiful appearance on the catwalk, normalising nudity, normalising pregnancy, normalising naked pregnancy, will be remembered.


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