Lupe’s: an update after the publication of the Issuu Guide.

As is often our practice, I’d sent out message to Lupe in advance of us publishing the Issuu Guide you can find here.

As is also often the practice, Lupe’s commitment to real life ™ meant that he didn’t get back to me in time, and thus his own comments weren’t included in that Guide. However, I’ve now received a note from him and I’m happy to provide an update on all-things-Lupian, if I can phrase it thus.

As many of you will know, there’s a membership fee applicable at Lupe’s, and it’s only there, Lupe says, is ‘to defer the constant attacks from griefers and spoilers’. I understand exactly. We’ve all experience them, particularly within naturist settings in SL. Thankfully, this isn’t an issue in RL naturism!

Lupe continues, ‘We have always endeavored to make the sims as naturalist as possible’, and there can’t be any of us who don’t marvel at the views and vistas it offers. With regard to the membership scheme, Lupe says that ‘does not seem to have deterred anyone joining and does help the peaceful ambience thats members always comment on.’

I asked Lupe about his plans for the future. ‘We operate regular open days at Lupes and (sister sim) Sweet Rhapsody is permanently free to all for the moment. So if you want a naturalistically beautiful sim and some peace then take at look at ours. Sweet Rhapsody is more than worth a visit – we have regular comps and events at both sims.’


lupes11 bullrushes diana


So there’s the very latest from Lupe’s. Be sure to drop by and have a look around this gloriously wild, natural haven of peace and tranquility.